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Internet Services

Celerity Systems offers a product called Form Converter Pro.  This program allows you to very quickly and easily import your web based form submissions into your favorite Contact manager with no effort.

  Celerity Systems can provide any Internet Services you need for your home or business of any size.  We offer Networking solutions for both home and office. Networks can be built to allow every computer on your network to access the Internet for e-mail and even to access the World Wide Web.  Security can even be installed so that only authorized people can access the Internet to protect your company's productivity.  Celerity Systems can even build your business a web site or your own web server.

  With Internet access and hosting being almost a necessity these days its important to select the best Internet provider you can find.  We at Celerity Systems belive that your choice of internet provider is a very important choice.  If the server you are on goes down, so does your site.  So we use dedicated servers designed for reliability and speed to make sure your site is up when your customers are.  For more information please contact us, or visit our web site at www.celhost.com.  Dial-up and DSL service is available as well. 
With a reliable Internet service more time can be spent working online, instead of waiting for access to the Internet.  The time saved could be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

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