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Form Converter Pro is an invaluable tool that will make Internet transactions easier and faster. 

  Do you receive e-mail forms from the Internet?  If you do then chances are that you manually type or cut and paste all the information into a database / Contact Management program.  Now there is a program that makes all that a thing of the past.  Form Converter Pro was designed to save you time by automatically converting your e-mail into a file that is useable by almost any Contact Management Program.  With a Compatible E-mail Program all you do is move the E-Mail(s) you want processed to a folder and run the program.  Once this is done load up your database program and import the data.  In the same time it took you to import one record you can import as many as you wish.  Once you install the program and configure your applications the procedure can be accomplished in three easy steps.

  With this program people are saving Literally hours a day which translates to a faster response and the faster you can process each transaction the more money you can make.

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